Matsu Daiyi

Void Touched Shugenja


Born as the elder twin, it rapidly became obvious that Daiyi was not the epitome of the family’s berserker heritage that his parents were hoping for. Luckily his younger brother exemplified all the traits that Daiyi did not. When Daiyi’s first cry pierced the cold winter’s night on which he and his twin were born, the fires throughout the family estate had roared beyond the capacity of their fuel. Blessed by that most destructive of elements, it was recognized early that his talents were not focused on the physical arts of the Bushi, but that the family would be best served by placing him in the tutelage of the Shugenja. Yet the honored family of berserker’s, in spite of the child’s obvious aptitude for the spiritual arts, felt ashamed that their firstborn son was not to fill the role of a mighty warrior. Disheartened, and in some attempt to save face with the remainder of the Lion Clan, Daiyi’s parents sent him off to train with the Isawa Shugenja, deep in the heart of Phoenix clan land.

Much was promised in order to facilitate this agreement, including a betrothal of Daiyi to the firstborn of a high ranking Unicorn household.

Matsu Daiyi

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